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I'm married, have more children than is environmentally conscious and a herd of dachshunds. These things keep me busy.

Looking Back and Looking Forward

It’s been 6 months since the transplant surgery.  Has it only been 6 months?  Has it already been 6 months?   Have we come this far?  Have we only come this far?  My brain does this a lot because I realize this … Continue reading

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Little Fan is a Big Fan

For a kid born in 2006, who became cognizant of baseball in 2010, and amazingly aware of baseball in 2011, being a Rangers baseball fan has been fun.  So fun that, when we realized she really REALLY understood and appreciated … Continue reading

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One Kidney Is O.K.

So here I am on the One Kidney side.  Where I’ll always be.  Me and Michael, One Kidney each.  We’re not the first “couple” to exist like this; we won’t be the last.  I’m guessing our road was a little … Continue reading

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I Kidney You Not

Having kids brings about a myriad of changes: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the diapers. Kids will adore you, and entertain you, and cover you in unexpected, yet glorious, stickiness. They will challenge you, and frustrate you, and … Continue reading

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Searching For Normal and Unremarkable….

We are in the final countdown to the nephrectomy.  3 days to kidney removal. 3 days to surgery and a hospital stay and all the unknowns that all of that will bring. How long Michael will be in hospital depends … Continue reading

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Kidney Status: It’s Getting Real

You know, it’s been so long since I blogged, and I’ve had so many conversations of varying length and depth with so many people… I don’t know what anyone knows anymore.  So I’ll just pretend nobody knows much of anything … Continue reading

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Sometimes They Do Say Yes

We got the call yesterday. “It’s UT Southwest, It’s UT Southwest! Answer it!” Riley screamed, running down the stairs after seeing the Caller ID post flash on the TV screen.  I didn’t correct her pronunciation because Mike had already picked up … Continue reading

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